Saturday, February 28, 2009

More of the usual...

Just spent 4 days in the Montana Backcountry with nothing more than a tent, sleeping bag, food, cameras, and some of the best snowboarders on earth.  Easily one of the most physically taxing things I've ever done.  No joke, it was straight up survival.  Bear Grylls would have been proud.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clints Photo Show, Ordering info

I currently have a photo show at "Clints Bakery and Coffee House" in Breckenridge, Colorado (131 S. Main Street).  Since my website is still not anything more than a home page, I wanted to list the photos here with all the ordering info.  

Each and every photograph is printed on a matte adhesive Vinyl, then laminated with a matte laminate, and then mounted on 1/2" foam board.  Because each print is laminated it is very, very resistant to scratches, dust, moisture, etc., and is fully archival for decades to come.  My goal was to create art that was both very durable and archival, at a fraction of the cost.  I also wanted each photo in this show to in some way be connected with Colorado, whether it be the rider or location.

Any print can be ordered in any of the following sizes for the following amount:

8"x12" $18
12"x18" $36
16"x24" $60
24"x36" $110
28"x42" $150
36"x54" $190

FED EX delivery is available for an additional fee.  Local (Breckenridge, CO) pick up available free.  Custom Printing to suite your needs is also available.

To order please e-mail me the print name and size desired.  I prefer to use paypal when ever shipping, but a check will be accepted.  Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

E-mail orders and questions to:

Here are the photos.  Click to enlarge.  From left to right; Print Name, Rider, Location, Year.

Log Jam Jonas Michilot Breckenridge, CO 2005
Rainbow Front Board Josh Moses Breckenridge, CO 2006
Maggie Pond Skim Pat Milbery Breckenridge, CO 2006
Mini McTwist Chad Otterstrom Breckenridge, CO 2007
Frontside Air Madison Ellsworth Echo Mountain, CO 2007
Getting Hippie Chad Otterstrom Silverton, CO 2007
Cab 720 Danny kass Snowmass, CO 2008
Boardslide Keenan Rice Twin Cities, MN 2005
UFO's Unknown Breckenridge, CO 2004
100" Dump Friends Wolf Creek, CO 2006
Hasselbladed Ryan Thompson Twin Cities, MN 2004
Superpark 10 Mikel Bang Breckenridge, CO 2006
Nose Press Jonas Michilot Denver, CO 2006
DU Lane Knaack Denver, CO 2006
Ollie Chad Tarbell Breckenridge, CO 2007
Sunrise Frontside Invert Ryan Thompson Breckenridge, CO 2007
Front 3 Nose Bonk Pat Milbery Echo Mountain, CO 2007
Hiking to Billboard Chad Otterstrom/Frank Wells Silverton, CO 2007
Air to Fakie Steve Fisher Breckenridge, CO 2007

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Heber Homestead

My current bed room slash global command center.  No big deal........

Utarded in Utah

It was Utarded in Utah today

A socked in weather pattern all day meant there would be no
shooting today.  At least it's snowing again.  A washed up crew 
of industry insiders took full advantage of this "down day"

Heber, Utah 

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Buddies.....

My Buddies, my buddies and me.

So basically I drove 400 miles for nothing.  I'm in Utah and the snow sucks.  But what?  To my surprise my favorite sales team was also in town making the rounds.  Funny, because I caught Kyle and Fields here last year too.  Ahhh, good old Heber City.  Gotta love it.....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Sled

Somewhat against my will I'm now riding an '08 Ski Doo 800 146 track.  Totaled the '07 in Silverton about two weeks ago.  First day out ripping the new sled today with my buddy Jon.  Good snow, but after colliding with a rock at 30mph and being wipped off in an "America's Wildest Video's" fashion two weeks ago, I'm a bit more warry of what lays beneath the snow.  I just wish someone got the shot.

11,400 feet above sea level.

My Buddy Jon, ripping......