Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chalk another one up for Lago

Stoked Whitelines Magazine out of the UK decided to run this shot of Lago on the cover for their Spring Issue.  The kid deserves it!  I think this is my fifth major cover.  Slowly but surely they are stacking up.  Stoked....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Working Outta My Second Home

Yes, even though I don't have a first home I do somehow have a second home.  After Idaho I drove straight down to my Cabin to link up with Pashley and his crew of misfits, Scotty Arnold, Zach Siebert, El Doug and Tom Pelly of Australia.  Our plan was to spend a week at the Bonnie Bell cabin, compile enough shots for a Feature in "Australia and NZ Snowboarding Magazine", while of course stacking shots for Snowboarder Magazine, my first priority.  It was a successful week to say the least.  Good times with good friends, and about half way through the week a storm rolled in and dumped over a foot of fresh.  It was such a blizzard all we could do was take laps all day.  Not a bad "day off" and a real boost for the crew to get the stoke on.  Not that anyone was bummed, it was just a nice change of pace to put the cameras away and remember why we all do this thing called snowboarding anyways.  It was the best turns of the year for me easily.  Hasn't been the best year in that department, but non the less it was some epic riding right out the front door.  It was good to finally experience my spot in some really good conditions too.  It still blows my mind that this is "my spot".  I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  Private Property is the future.  By the time it was all said and done, no one was ready to leave and Scotty had already assured me that he would come back and live here if I would allow him to.  Sorry bud, nice try, get your own damn spot!  That was that.  Another week of my winter done.  Where to go next?

So we just have to get up there.....

Yup right up there on that ridge....

I miss it already....

Headed up to "The Circus"

Good steez Pashley.  Are those Ugg Boots?

From one woodsman to the other Scotty, "you're doing that all wrong."

Snow day.  Lets take the day off and shred pow.  Sounds good to me!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cool Boarders 2010

Idaho is a wrap.  After sessioning one of the bigger jumps I've seen hit in person, our trip into the Idaho BC is done.  This jump measured somewhere in the ball park of 80+' in length with a similar or longer drop.  I felt that the angle shown here makes the jump look a little bit smaller than that but at the same time it really worked so I went with it.  This is Lago's first hit, where after he stopped yelling and screaming in a state of pure excitement he said something to the effect of, "that was the most amazing thing I've ever done.....that was some cool boarders shit."  A pretty strong statement consider he just took home the bronze medal in the HP at the Vancouver Olympics a mere month ago.  After this he stomped two B/S 360's and we were out.  Such a good way to end the trip.  A huge thanks to Cory Smith at Smith Optics for putting us up at Smiley Creek Lodge.  I will greatly miss the home cooked meals, country hospitality, and general good vibes of this amazing place.  Until next time.....

Lago, flying like an eagle....

"That was some Cool Boarders shit!"

Monday, March 8, 2010

U Da Ho

Actually its pronounced Idaho.  Made it to the lovely land of potatoes in one piece and am glad to be back in this neck of the woods after not making it up last season.  Cory Smith has some big things going in his backyard zone of Smiley Creek, but don't think you can just roll up here.  The zone is on private property and without the proper credentials you could get messed up quick!  Trespasser's beware!

This is not a line you want to cross if your not invited.

Cabin 5 is treating me good so far.

Robot Food was here.  Well actually Pierre Wikberg and Eddie Wall are in the crew and working on content for their new website  Keep checking in as it should go live any day now.  Its gonna be sick...

Just put it on my Master Charge card.

Tunnel Vision

The rafters

Lago is the shit.  Congrats to the best damn bronze medalist I know.  USA!!!


Made a quick pit stop in the Crested Butte region of Colorado before heading out to Idaho.  Otterstrom said he had the inside track to some new zones in the area, and the weather looked good.  So we made the call and B-lined it over for a quick one and a half day mission.  I have to say it has been a few years since I have been to Crested Butte, and it is as sick or sicker than I remember.  Its kinda like a mini Jackson.  Also very similar to Aspen, but without all the bullshit.  The mountain is for real, and the backcountry is just as for real if not much realer.  Not sure that's a word, but it's a dope spot to say the least.  Lots of pillows, cliffs, big lines, and even some kicker zones all in the mix.  One interesting thing too is the fact that they are really feeling the recession here.  No one can find work so everyone is moving out of town.  This in turn has made property extremely cheap.  I found a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, two car garage condo for $175,000.  That is unheard of in Colorado, and on top of it, in a mountain town.  I mean that is cheaper than Denver.  Makes me wonder if I could pull off living here.  Hmmmmm.....

Otterstrom hiking to the goods.....

The locals have a real good thing going out here.  10+ acres with this sick Airsteam trailer.  Not a bad way to kick it in the BC if you ask me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I've been hunkered down at home the last few days wrapping up some work for Vail Resorts.  It has been beautiful weather and I have been able to get a lot done just getting out for a few hours each morning.  Yesterday was especially early.  Up at 5am.  The reward was watching the moon set while the sun came up on the Ten Mile Range.  Needless to say, the shot I needed came together well with these conditions.  Below is a photo of Steve Fisher in the Freeway Halfpipe from later that same morning.  Next Stop Utah, then Idaho.  Until next time...