Tuesday, March 6, 2012


As usual and with most riders and shooter the season begins jibbing in the streets.  My season actually stated real early in October.  Both in the streets and on the hill.  I rode Wolf Creek (see earlier post) like October 8th.  The earliest I've ever ridden there.  After I got my fix it was game on.  I love the first shooting times of the year.  Reminds you of the cold, and the suffering that goes into shooting and shreding.  Kind of gets you prepared for the long winter ahead.  Below area few shots from the first quarter of my winter shooting in the streets.

Evergreen, CO with Dylan Alito and Zac Hale.  Behind the scenes

Evergreeen, CO

Forest Bailey, eyeing it up in Breck

Killer and Dan Brisse filming for X Games in Denver, CO

Birds of a feather

Brisse in Denver, CO

Denver Condos

Alito in his Element.  Evergreen, CO

Upper Midwest.  Best Urban Trip I've ever been on.  Thanks Absinthe!

The Abandoned Building....

Back to the Mountains!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Whitelines Cover numero dos

This was a back to back cover with the first one I posted of Brisse.  Its been out for awhile now, but as I just stated, I've been lagging super hard on making any kind of post.  This will serve as my first attempt to not do that any more.

Oh Blog, how I've forgotten about you...

Really been lagging on posting here, but that is all gonna change right now.  Lots of updates coming this week, and from now on.  Check back each day for something new.....