Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Working Outta My Second Home

Yes, even though I don't have a first home I do somehow have a second home.  After Idaho I drove straight down to my Cabin to link up with Pashley and his crew of misfits, Scotty Arnold, Zach Siebert, El Doug and Tom Pelly of Australia.  Our plan was to spend a week at the Bonnie Bell cabin, compile enough shots for a Feature in "Australia and NZ Snowboarding Magazine", while of course stacking shots for Snowboarder Magazine, my first priority.  It was a successful week to say the least.  Good times with good friends, and about half way through the week a storm rolled in and dumped over a foot of fresh.  It was such a blizzard all we could do was take laps all day.  Not a bad "day off" and a real boost for the crew to get the stoke on.  Not that anyone was bummed, it was just a nice change of pace to put the cameras away and remember why we all do this thing called snowboarding anyways.  It was the best turns of the year for me easily.  Hasn't been the best year in that department, but non the less it was some epic riding right out the front door.  It was good to finally experience my spot in some really good conditions too.  It still blows my mind that this is "my spot".  I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  Private Property is the future.  By the time it was all said and done, no one was ready to leave and Scotty had already assured me that he would come back and live here if I would allow him to.  Sorry bud, nice try, get your own damn spot!  That was that.  Another week of my winter done.  Where to go next?

So we just have to get up there.....

Yup right up there on that ridge....

I miss it already....

Headed up to "The Circus"

Good steez Pashley.  Are those Ugg Boots?

From one woodsman to the other Scotty, "you're doing that all wrong."

Snow day.  Lets take the day off and shred pow.  Sounds good to me!

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