Saturday, October 5, 2013

Updates, updates and more updates

Wow, a whole year has gone by and I havne't posted a thing to this blog.  I guess I was over being on the computer.  Well I ran into an old Friend Dustin Bradford at a Rockies game a few weeks back.  He shoots a lot of sports and we chatted while he was shooting long lesn from the 1st base line int he stands.  He was wondering if I was till shooting as he hadn't seen any updates and I assured him I was I just was being really lazy posting to my blog.  He also reminded me why I like to post tear sheets, activities and general life to my blog.  It's not because I'm really trying to get my work out there.  I mean thats a bonus, but it s more to keep a visual diary, keeping track of what I did over the years.  Well, I'm kinda bummed I neglected this Blog over the past year and am planning a push in the next few weeks to update the past yea,r as well as keep it current.  I know, I've done this in the past and said the same things, so we'll see.  Feel fre to call me out when I slack.....

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