Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winter Day 1

Winter came in with vengence this year.  I've been hearing the reports from Cali to Washington to Utah and so on over the past few days of some serious snowfall.  Yesterday I headed up to Loveland Basin with Nic Drago, Madison Ellsworth and Mike Casanova to see if the reports were true here in Colorado.  About half way up to the Eisenhower Tunnel the snow became nuclear.  Its was straight up pounding and it didn't stop all day.  It was hard riding the chair at Loveland looking down at all the pristine snow covered slopes that appeared more like February than October.  For the limited terrain that was open we found pow slashes, trees to bash, mini airs, and even a few rail features in the early-season park.  After double digit laps at Loveland we railed back to Breck because our homie Austin Julik-Heine had alerted us that we was in the process of setting up a jib over a river, and we should come shred and shoot it.  It turned out to be a really cool feature and we all ended up walking away with bangers.  Sometimes I have a hard time coming around to Winter.  It usually hits so early up here in Summit County and I'm always wanting a little bit more summer, or even fall for that matter.  After yesterday, I'm 100% stoked and Ready!  Bring it on....

A huge thanks goes out to John Sellers and Dustin Schaefer at Loveland for taking care of us!

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